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Our Expertise In Ayurveda Treatment

At Dr. Dhruv Ayurveda Clinic, we take great pride in our commitment to holistic healing and the well-being of our patients. Here, we are pleased to share the heartfelt testimonials from individuals who have experienced the transformative power of Ayurvedic treatment at our clinic.

Our Services

01. Gastrointestinal Diseases

Specialized in Indigestion, Hyperactivity ,Gastritis ,Gastric ulcer,Duodenal ulcer,Acid reflux,Dysphasia ,Achalasia cardia,Hiatus hernia ,Abdominal pain,Chronic appendicitis ,Chronic pancreatitis ,Chronic constipation ,Fatulence (abdominal gases),Piles (Bleeding & Dry),Fistula,Fissure ,Rectal prolapse ,Anorexia ,Nausea & Vomiting ,Hematemesis ,Motion sickness ,Excessive thirst (polydipsia),Diarrhoea ,Ulcerative colitis ,Malabsorption syndrome ,Hernia,Cholera ,Lactose intolerance

02. Liver Diseases

Specialized in Jaundice,Hepatitis ,Fatty degeneration ,Alcoholic liver disease,Liver cirrhosis ,Liver failure ,Gall stone,Chronic cholecystitis ,Portal hypertension ,Portal vein thrombosis ,Amoebic liver abscess ,Ascities

03. Diseases of Oral Cavity

Specialized in Halitosis ( Mukha daurgandhya),Tartar,Dental caries ,Bleeding gums,Pyorrhoea

04. Diseases of Respiratory System

Specialized in Common cold,Bird flu,Allergic rhinitis ,Sinusitis,Deviated nasal septum,Snoring ,Tonsillitis,Adenoiditis,Cough (Khasi),Hoarseness of voice,Bronchial asthma ,Emphysema ,Chronic bronchitis ,Tuberculosis,Hiccup,Tropical eosinophilia

05. Skin Diseases

Specialized in Pruritus ( Itching),Eczema ,Cracks of foot,Psoriasis ,Tenia versicolor,Urticaria (sheetpitta),Leucoderma ,Ringworm infection ,Prickly heat,Sunburn,Abscess,Corns,Alopecia (hairfall) ,Dandruff ,Warts,Acne (muhase),Black head (comedo),Hyperpigmentation ,Dark spots ,Wrinkles

06. Musculoskeletal Disorders

Specialized in Osteoarthritis ,Rheumatoid arthritis ,Gout,DVT (deep vein thrombosis),Backache,Lumbar disc prolapse,Degenerative disc prolapse,Cervical spondylitis ,Cervical disc prolapse ,Frozen shoulder ,Osteoporosis

07. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Specialized in Osteoarthritis ,Rheumatoid arthritis ,Gout,DVT (deep vein thrombosis),Backache,Lumbar disc prolapse,Degenerative disc prolapse,Cervical spondylitis ,Cervical disc prolapse ,Frozen shoulder ,Osteoporosis


08. Metabolic Disorders

Specialized in Anaemia ,Diabetes mellitus type 2,Obesity ,Dyslipidemia (high triglycerides, cholesterol)

09. Endocrinological Disorders

Specialized in Hypothyroidism ,Hyperthyroidism ,Hyperparathyroidism

10. Cardiovascular Disorders

Specialized in Coronary artery disease (CAD),Heart failure,Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH),Cardiac arrhythmia ,Hypertension ,Hypotension ,Bleeding disorders ,Varicose veins,Fainting,Pedal oedema

11. Diseases of Urinary Tract and Kidney

Specialized in UTI (urinary tract infection),Kidney stone ,BPH ( benign prostatic hyperplasia),CRF (chronic renal failure),Nephrotic syndrome ,Acute nephrotic syndrome ,Atonic bladder

12. Gynaecological Diseases

Specialized in Amenorrhea ,Female infertility ,Vaginal bleeding ,Metrorrhagia ,Leucorrhea (white discharge),Dysmenorrhea ,Irregular menstruation,Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD),Menopausal syndrome ,Uterine fibroids ,Prenatal regimen,Prenatal care ,Postnatal care,Miscarriages

13. Male Reproductive and Sexual Disorder

Specialized in Male infertility ,Premature ejaculation,Erectile dysfunction ,Vericocele,Hydrocele,Orchitis ,Syphilis

14. Diseases of Nervous System

Specialized in CVA (paralysis),Facial paralysis (bell’s palsy),Parkinsonism ,Sciatica ,Multiple sclerosis ,Trigeminal neuralgia,Tingling numbness,MND (motor neuron diseases),Spinal cord disorders ,Neuropathy,Brachial neuralgia,Cervical rediculopathy,Lumbar rediculopathy

15. Manas Rog ( Pschychiatric)

Specialized in Epilepsy ,Insomnia (sleeplessness),Drowsiness ,Alzheimer’s disease,Stress,Anxiety,Depression ,Tension headache ,Hangover

16. Diseases of Children

Specialized in Cough,Asthma ,Helminthiasis (krimi),Chicken pox ,Measles ,Diaper rash,Bed wetting (enuresis),Cerebral palsy ,Autism,Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

17. Miscellaneous Disorders

Specialized in Fever ,Chronic fever,Malaria ,Typhoid fever,Dengue fever,Pneumonia ,Filariasis ,Vertigo,Refractive errors ,Diabetic retinopathy,Optic nerve atrophy,Retinitis pigmentosa,Otalgia,Chronic suppurative otitis media,Tinnitus ,Mennier’s disease ,Migraine ,Burning sensation ,Genetic disorders,Insect bites and stings

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